Professional PVC Repairs in Dublin and Wicklow

Windows and doors are an important part of any home, but when they start to show signs of wear and tear, it can be hard to know what to do. They can become a major security risk for your home. Not only that but a damaged window or door can also let in cold air in the winter and heat in the summer, costing you money without immediately realising it.

DR Glass & Glazing offers PVC repairs for windows and doors in Dublin and Wicklow. Our team of experts will come to your home and repair your windows and doors quickly and efficiently, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe and sound.

PVC Door Repair

PVC doors are a popular choice for many homes and businesses due to their durability and low maintenance. However, like all doors, PVC doors can get damaged over time. The good news is that we are experts at repairing PVC doors. Here are a few steps that we follow:

  • First, we remove any hardware from the door, such as the handle, hinges, or lock.
  • Next, we use a putty knife to remove any old sealant or caulking around the door frame.
  • Once the area is clean, we apply a generous amount of new sealant or caulking around the door frame.
  • The next step involves replacing any hardware that was removed earlier.
  • In the last step, we test the door to make sure it opens and closes smoothly.

We usually repair PVC doors on the spot, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your house vulnerable to intruders.

PVC Window Repair

Like PVC doors, many homeowners use PVC windows because they last for years and don’t require frequent maintenance. But eventually, you will notice signs of wear and tear. That’s where we come in. Following are some of the steps that we take to repair PVC windows:

  • We start by cleaning the window frames with a mild soap and water solution.
  • Once the frames are clean, we inspect them for any cracks or damage. If we find any damage, we use a putty knife to fill in the cracks with epoxy resin.
  • Once the resin has cured, we sand it down until it is flush with the frame.
  • Next, we clean the glass panes with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

If the glass is severely scratched or cracked, we may need to replace it. We will inform you about the condition of the glass and why replacement could be a better solution. From taking accurate measurements to replacing the glass, we’ll take care of everything.

If you need an experienced PVC repair company in Dublin and Wicklow to fix your doors and windows, don’t hesitate to contact us at +353 (083) 018 0090. We will be happy to help.