Professional Shower Glass Repairs In Dublin and Wicklow

Trust DR Glass for all your glass shower repair needs covering the Dublin and Wicklow areas. For emergency repairs to extensive repairs, call the experts at DR Glass today! We are always ready to service your broken shower glass. Shattering, water marks, and breaks can cause a problem for glass shower doors and frames. We can repair the damage and get your bathroom back in working order.

Our glass experts will repair your glass shower efficiently, affordably, and quickly. We offer a 24 hour glass repair service for all types of shower doors. We have all types of premium glass ready to fit by our expert team using cutting-edge technology with minimum disruption to your home.

Save money and time by contacting our team at DR Glass for quality glass shower repairs in the Dublin and Wicklow areas.

We also supply bespoke shower glass and glass splash screens for baths. We use 10 mm toughened Pilkington frameless glass.

A little bit about us

DR Glass and Glazing is the culmination of three generations of Glazing expertise. Initially providing coverage to Dublin and Wicklow areas, our company gradually expanded and in 2020 became nationwide.